Ghosts are a girl’s best friend

Is this what my communication major is for?

Okay, before you start calling me crazy for believing in this stuff, take a step back and remember that this is under the opinions section of the newspaper for a reason. 

I started to investigate the paranormal and the supernatural when I was about nine. My grandma —who is now deceased —told me a story about a voice coming from a vacant corner in the house she lived in until the day she died that said, “Hello, Helen.” Validation that the story was true? Their dog at that time was growling at the same corner, hair on end. 

My family has passed various stories around about “unexplainable” happenings but I have never had an experience nearly as exciting as my grandma’s. So, I found a sort of substitute. 

While on a vacation to Virginia, I picked up a pair of dowsing rods. They are simple objects—metal wire with beads for the handles—that were originally designed to pick up on the energy of moving water. 

Supernatural beings, alias ghosts, can manipulate energy in the same manner. 

So while I may not have seen a ghost, heard a ghost, or even felt a ghost—I have kind of talked to a ghost. Yes, the dowsing rods are easily tampered with, such as it being windy or my hands are shaking. Yet whenever I do a session with my dowsing rods, I come to the conclusion that it wasn’t me. 

For starters, if the wind is blowing, the rods would be moving in the same direction every time. So, if the wind blows but one of the rods moves against the wind, I’m going to put that under the category of energy interference. 

When I conduct a session with my dowsing rods, I ask the spirit(s) that I am speaking with to cross the rods over one another for ‘yes’ and move them far apart for ‘no.’ I begin with the rods perpendicular from one another and invite spirits to talk with me, asking them to move the rods across one another to alert me of their presence. 

It could take seconds to minutes for a spirit to respond, depending on how much energy they have to move the rods. If there seems to be absolutely no response, I end the session; if I get a response, however, I ask the spirit to move the rods back to their starting stance and begin to ask simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions. 

Kind of like 20 questions but very, very one sided. 

I have had several successful sessions with my dowsing rods, ones that I cannot ignore. While I await the day to be confronted by a spirit to confirm that, yes, they do exist, I will content myself with my dowsing rods and exploring this unknown territory.