Winter is coming

Protect yourselves, protect your cars

The Student Management Automotive Organization works on cars for both Ferris students and Big Rapids residents. Submitted Photo

With winter aggressively approaching, icy roads put students at a higher risk for accidents this season. This can be both frightening and dangerous, especially for students going home over Thanksgiving and winter break. When faced with hazardous weather conditions, Ferris senior and Automotive Management Student Organization (AMSO) member Alex Holler offers these tips. 

“Check your tire pressure. In the winter, your tire pressure drops one PSI [pounds per square inch] per 10 degrees. It’s important to obtain correct tire pressure to obtain optimal traction. Also, have your car inspected for winter wherever you normally get service and have any recommended services done to your vehicle before the first snow,” Holler said. 

For those who find themselves far from home or just staying in Big Rapids this semester, students have the opportunity to get their cars checked on campus. The automotive program offers a class that allows students to work on cars for other students and Big Rapids residents. Prices vary depending on the vehicle. 

“Replace your windshield wiper blades. If your windshield wipers are not giving you a clear view of the road, it can create a safety hazard, not being able to see what lies ahead. Top off your washer solvent. This will help clear your windshield of the salt spray while driving down the highway,” Holler said. 

With these tips and tricks, it’ll be a little easier to remain calm and prepared in harsh conditions.

Winter Driving Tips:

  • When accelerating from a stop, ease into the gas so you don’t spin your tires
  • Give yourself plenty of time to slow down and always brake early
  • Do not follow other cars closely
  • Go slow around turns
  • Watch for black ice
  • If you can, stay off the roads until the snow has been plowed
  • Practice hard turning and braking in an empty, snowy parking lot so you know how your car will react