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It’s time we stop procrastinating

We’ve all had that stomach-turning moment when you realize 30 minutes before class starts that there’s homework due. 

Sometimes you truly forget about it but most of the time that 500-word essay isn’t done because you put it off until the last minute and didn’t finish by the deadline. 

There is truly nothing that pisses me off more than someone blaming their late homework on the fact that they are a procrastinator. Procrastination is not a character quality you have been stuck with, it’s a poor habit you have created. Own it. 

Let me say it again for the people in the back: procrastination is nothing more than a habit you have created in your life as a result of laziness. 

Being successful in school is influenced by intelligence but even more so by the habits created. If you get into the habit of doing homework every day, even if it’s only in small amounts, you’ll increase your chances of getting work done on time. Creating this habit is crucial to prevent deadline panic and poor performance. 

Yeah, it is easier to blame bad grades on procrastination—it sounds much better than laziness and it can just be laughed off as typical student behavior. Still, it all comes back to the simple fact that success requires hard work. 

There is one thing that I’ve seen too often in our generation: a poor work ethic. Everyone wants to achieve greatness but so few are willing to put in the time and effort that it requires. 

We’re all paying an arm and a leg to be in college, so why don’t we start acting like it? Take a little pride in your work and stop settling for being a subpar, procrastinating student. 

Let’s stop the saying “Cs get degrees.” Strive for a little more and stop pretending that giving your laziness a nicer name makes it acceptable.

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