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Break your Netflix addiction in time for finals

Photo by: Lauren Jones | Torch Interim Photographer

Watching TV in large quantities is an easy way to procrastinate, so it’s time for Bulldogs to save Netflix and chill until winter break. 

A study conducted by Dr. Geoffrey Graybeal and published by the student newspaper, The Daily Toreader, revealed that nine out of 10 college students are Netflix users. The study also showed that 88 percent of people admit to binge-watching on Netflix, which means watching three or more episodes at one time. 

Binge-watching commonly leads to procrastination. Ferris social work sophomore Allyson Yarger explained that watching Netflix often distracts her from other responsibilities. 

“If you really get into a show, then you want to know what happens next instead of doing homework or studying for a test,” Yarger said. “One time I watched a lot, like maybe eight hours.” 

Aside from being a form of entertainment, Netflix can have some positive effects on students, as well. Ferris pre-pharmacy senior Jordin Woodard said that playing TV shows while studying helps her focus. 

“I’m more of a person that likes to have it on in the background,” Woodard said. “Some of my attention does go to that instead of what I should be doing but I like to study with noise in the background, so in that way, it kind of helps, too.” 

Ferris business administration junior Sommer Piro agreed that she uses Netflix as white noise but it can sometimes distract her. 

“Sometimes I do like to have the TV playing while doing homework for some background noise but it can’t be a show or something that I’m really into, otherwise I will put all my attention towards the TV,” Piro said. 

Despite the role it plays in student procrastination, Netflix use in moderation is okay. According to an analysis of Graybeal’s study by techinfographics.com, Netflix users can curb their addiction by setting a timer to turn off the WiFi for the night and turning off auto-play. It also suggested that viewers stop the episode three-quarters of the way through before the episode’s climax so the viewer won’t be stuck with a cliffhanger.