Rockin’ out

Members of the Ferris hockey team form unlikely band

Millions of young music listeners have been left helpless after One Direction split a year and a half ago but they may just have a new band to obsess over, right here at Ferris. 

The Don Cuatros, a group made up of four Ferris hockey players (Drew Dorantes, Tyler Dorantes, Nate Kallen, and Dominic Lutz) is the newest boy band looking to steal your girlfriends’ heart this holiday season and they are on the verge of something stellar after recently discovering a need for their musical ability. 

“I don’t think our skill level is quite there. If we practiced for a long, long time maybe we would be there,” Lutz said. 

OK, so maybe they aren’t exactly the new Backstreet Boys but the band certainly has potential. 

Lutz began playing the guitar during his stint in junior hockey as a way to get rid of the stress that came with the high-level of hockey at a young age. Thanks to his dad, Lutz found a passion in the guitar and has been playing since. 

The formation of the group began in August when Lutz whipped out his six-string Fender acoustic and played some tunes for his teammates. Soon, defenseman Nate Kallen chimed in with his amazing work on the keyboard and the Dorantes brothers backed up Lutz on the guitar. 

Kallen, who comes from a family with a rich history in music, credits his parents for providing him with the talent that other members of the group say is leading the charge. 

“My mom is a professional pianist and singer and my dad played professional tuba. So, I played the trombone for like five years growing up and the piano. I kind of lost touch for a while and he just brought it back and we started jamming,” Kallen said. 

Right now, the biggest concern surrounding the band is the fact that it is heading in no clear direction without a lead-singer. 

“I think what we’re lacking right now mostly is a singer,” Kallen said. “Right now, Tyler Dorantes is great and he’s been our energy for sure. We all try singing but no one really has a stand out voice.” 

Drew Dorantes tends to think that he has a good idea on who should be leading the vocals for the Don Cuatros if it came to that. 

“In the locker room, I think [Craig] Pefley and [Zac] Tierney. They have good chemistry too,” Drew Dorantes said. 

Another big question mark surrounding the group is the lack-luster combo of Dorantes brothers. The two tend to chime in on the guitar but know exactly where they stand with the group. 

“My brother and I battle for the worst one in the band but I think I edge him out,” Drew Dorantes said. 

For now, the group is good with jamming to some tunes in their free time but it may only be a matter of time before the Don Cuatros are rocking in a stadium near you.

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