Testing the options

How some students relieve their test anxiety

With exams around the corner, it’s time to pull out all the study tricks to make it through another semester unscathed. Photo by: Lauren Jones | Torch Interim Photographer

Among the list of things that students hate, taking tests is near the top for most. Luckily, with time, there are ways to avoid the anxiety faced at the end of the semester.

“I experience testing anxiety in classes that I struggle in,” Ferris criminal justice sophomore Autumn Kassab said.

When Kassab experiences test anxiety, she feels that she for sure doesn’t know the answer or that she is reading the same question over and over again. Her method to relieve this anxiety is mildly unorthodox for some students.

“To relieve my anxiety, I sometimes just decide to not take the frickin’ test,” Kassab said.

Aside from skipping the test altogether, Ferris hospitality management sophomore Shaveyon Johnson finds himself rushing to finish a test to relieve the anxiety of taking the test at all.

The fear of failing affects many things for students, including their confidence and unfortunately, their concentration.

“Testing anxiety makes me feel like I am stuck in my head. My confidence lowers drastically. I sometimes feel like the other people in the class are judging me for being so nervous. Makes you feel very down in the dumps,” Ferris social work freshman Breanna Ponce said.

Before a test that she feels she will struggle with, Ponce makes sure to get in a chill vibe by listening to her favorite song and telling her friends she will be studying so that she won’t get distracted. Ponce makes studying her number one priority.

For more tips and tricks to have a smooth exam week, check out the Ferris Tutoring Center by clicking here.

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