Privileged Parking

We shouldn’t have to pay for meters if we have parking permits

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Commuters at Ferris should not have to put money in a meter when they’re still parking in a commuter lot. You may be thinking, “everyone else has to pay for a meter, so why should commuters get the luxury of not paying for one?” 

Think about this: whether you’re a commuter or a student resident, how would you feel if there were no spots left in the parking lot except for meters? I can imagine that you’d be pretty mad because I know I would be. 

I have a friend who is a commuter and occasionally has trouble finding a parking spot, which is what pushed me to write this opinion. 

A few weeks ago, she was running late for class. Naturally, she parked in a commuter lot but the only spots left were at meters. She assumed she didn’t need to pay for the meter because she paid for the parking permit and she was in an appropriate lot. When she got back to her car after class, a bright yellow envelope was on her windshield. She received what all humans loathe: a good ol’ ticket. 

When she told me this, my blood began to boil. If she paid for a parking permit, why should she have to spend more on parking? Is Ferris really that desperate for money? Students’ bank accounts are empty due to tuition, and now their pockets have to be empty too? 

Students need parking permits, whether they live on or off campus. This is expensive already, let alone putting money in a meter as well. Putting in a quarter per 30-minute slot doesn’t seem like a big deal but it can add up quickly. I’m not a commuter but I did have to purchase a $100 parking permit just like any other student at Ferris and I know enough about spots filling up rapidly. 

I’m not saying that meters shouldn’t exist. I just don’t think it’s fair to pay for a parking permit, park in the correct lot and still have to spend money just to have your car sit somewhere. We all have someplace to be and unfortunately “available” spillover parking is nowhere near as convenient as advertised. 

Ferris has enough money already. The least the university can do is let commuters park at meters for free, as long as they’re parked in a commuter lot. 

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