Coffee Shop

A poem by Nicole Swanson

The bell rings as the glass door opens

She is welcomed with a friendly smile

The chalkboard is filled with 

colorful choices

She finally orders

Her eyes, glazed from the sun

The coffee is placed gently on the counter, waiting to be fed cream and sugar

She glances at the boy behind the counter

He looks and his eyes smile

Her heart jumps as she shyfully peers down at her coffee, 

slowly stirring

She places herself on a 

wooden chair

Her coffee in front of her

Paintings inside of frames 

staring at her asking…

What do I mean?”

As she perches her lips upon the cup of coffee, she notices a bird resting on the fence

Then all of a sudden, she gets an inspiration…

She wants to write a poem

It starts off saying,

“The bell rings as the glass door opens…”