Five years and counting

I don’t regret community college

I’ve been in college since fall of 2013. I’m finally a senior, after attending Ferris to get a bachelor’s degree in journalism. So you may be thinking, why am I still here? 

I’m a transfer student, having attended community college right after I graduated from high school. 

There are a lot of thoughts and opinions out there circulating the drain that is community college: some think it’s a waste of time, others think it saves money and so on. 

As someone who has experienced community college but is also finishing off her college career at a university, I’m here to say it does both—depending on your own goals. 

I found community college to be rather rewarding. I was able to meet new people, save money by staying at home and avoid student loans for all of my general education courses. 

Community college also helped me decide on my major as I took a variety of classes to pursue my interests at a cheaper price. That’s the name of the game, isn’t it? 

However, despite what community college can offer in price, I found it can lack in the classes offered. The community college I attended did not offer courses that could really help my major, drawing out my graduation to 2019. 

I wouldn’t encourage a student who knows they want to go into pharmacy to attend a community college if they can easily attend the school that is better for their major. Sometimes the transfer experience draws out your education for a longer period and in today’s job market that can be a gamble. 

Community college also doesn’t always have the biggest campus community. I know my own community college, North Central Michigan College, didn’t have a mascot. Attending a university offers students more of social life, with events like games and concerts to draw people in. 

Even in a small town like Big Rapids, we create our own culture that is unique to every Bulldog. 

So while I admit I regret not having attended a university sooner, I wouldn’t take back my community college experience for anything.

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