Moving forward

A new year with new possibilities and lessons learned

Ferris construction management senior Zack Wilk says goodbye to 2017 and embraces the new year. Photo by: Marcus Gurnee | Torch Photographer

With 2017 wrapped up and 2018 in its first month, students reflect on all that 2017 taught them as they hope to make the new year a memorable one. 

“I hope to stay sober, find a good paying job so I can move out of the house and hopefully find a nice lady friend,” Ferris general studies freshman Mike Harrington said. 

Harrington believes that one of the best things that he learned from last year were the benefits of being sober. Improving his mental and physical health, Harrington left 2017 feeling happier in general. However, looking back on the past two years, he wishes he could have reminded himself to slow down, in regard to his alcohol consumption and enjoying the moment. 

Another Ferris student doesn’t loathe 2017 quite as much as Harrington. 

“I could leave 2017 where it is. However, I learned lots of lessons,” Ferris psychology freshman Autumn Smith said. 

Since this was her first semester in college, Smith got to experience university life and living on campus. She is excited to attend Ferris Fest in the spring and looks forward to seeing her family over spring break. 

Though excitement is in the future, Smith shared a lesson learned from 2017. 

“I learned that no matter how much you might want something, if it isn’t for you, then you simply can’t have it. I learned that from situations that I thought were for me didn’t work out but someone else in the same situation was successful,” Smith said. 

Finding your place in the world is a struggle. Luckily, Smith has taken a large leap in getting closer to that goal. For some, wanting to be involved in someone else’s journey causes them grief and stress but in that case, it is still important to keep an eye on the bright side of the situation. 

Ferris music industry management senior Jake Trethaway faced a lot of hardships last year. However, it was also a year of growth. 

“I’m in love with one of my best friends. She’s going through personal stuff of her own, so trying to be a supportive friend while not acting on my feelings has been incredibly stressful. Overall, I’d say I live a fortunate life, because I’m healthy and have friends and family that love me,” Trethaway said. 

One of Trethaway’s goals this year is to focus on himself. 

“I’ve been dealing with my depression for years and the combination of my medications balancing and my own personal growth has helped me enormously. Yoga and meditation are key. Taking a hard look at what your unhealthy habits are is difficult, and previously my failures got to me and discouraged me from trying to improve my life. Luckily, my best friend moved in with me and helped remind me every day that life is worth living,” Trethaway said. 

He has also struggled with having the motivation to finish school because he has multiple job opportunities lined up. However, Trethaway knows that it is important to take advantage of any learning opportunity that is available while at Ferris. He also has some wisdom to share that he acquired in 2017. 

“I learned how important leaning on others and being open minded is. Even in the crazy messed up world we live in, that no challenge in life is too big and that no mental illness will define my outlook on life,” Trethaway said.

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