Chat with the Chief: Not the place

So I want to talk for a moment about all the reasons that a(nother) celebrity running for president in 2020 is a horrible idea. 

If you haven’t read the story on page four this week, which you should by the way, we discuss some of the individuals that have thrown their hats into the politcal ring, so to speak; this includes, but is not limited to, Oprah Winfrey, Kanye West, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (although Johnson claims he’s waiting for the 2024 election). 

My first argument against this movement is simple: Donald Trump. While a particularly extreme case, he is an example of what happens when people that aren’t involved in politics get involved with politics. He missteps at almost every opportunity he has and runs what is perhaps the most absurd Twitter account out there. 

He seemingly has no understanding of complex policy and has made it his mission to appoint equally inept government officials *cough* Betsy DeVos *cough.* 

In addition to them not necessarily being qualified for the job, celebrities taking part in the presidential race seriously skews the logic that voters are using; there will surely be a significant number of people voting for Oprah purely for the sake of voting for Oprah. 

While the turnout may be higher, it enables those voters to base their decision on a name and their preconceived ideas about the candidate, rather than actually taking the time to reasearch their stance on social and political issues. 

Electing celebrities one after the other sets a bad precedent; when will it stop? Will it suddenly be a requirement of the job? 

Running for president would ruin who Oprah is as a public figure currently. 

She is the most successful black businesswoman in America. She is a sexual assault survivor who has used that platform to change the lives of countless others. She is a talkshow host, an actress and an entrepeneur. She is not a politician. 

She is not someone that should have to decide whether or not it is time to declare a nuclear strike. She is not the person that should be determining tax and healthcare policy. She should not be bumping elbows with corrupt, mysogynistic career politicians. 

The role of the president is a dirty job; let Oprah stay the charismatic, philanthropic, clebrity figure that she is. 

Oh, and in regards to Kanye? Nobody that has been involved with the Kardashian family to that degree should be allowed any modicum of power. Just sayin’. 

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