Money woes

Little lifestyle changes can save your wallet

 You come home from class only to freeze in horror. There in the dark abyss of your mailbox—bills, bills and more bills. 

We have a heavy burden that accompanies our diplomas. According to, Ferris graduates leave campus with an average of $36,930 in student debt. 

We shake hands with our professors on graduation day and then get a letter in the mail to remind us to pay back our loans. Our futures are bright as we slowly sink into the sea of entry-level employment. It’s not all bad but money tends to be scarce when you actually need it. 

Being a young adult is all fun and games until you remember that huge tab you paid off after going to Shooters last weekend. With tuition being crammed down our throats, we all have to be smarter with our finances to survive. As an aforementioned young adult, I know we aren’t all going broke buying avocado toast. 

To save money, you have to be proactive. Don’t be the type of person who always mooches off of their friends. We’re all broke. 

So what can we do? There are little things that can add up every month and blow your budget to smithereens. Let’s go through a couple of tips and tricks that can save some money—you can only live off of grandma’s Christmas money for so long. 

It’s pretty easy to get a credit card when you’re a college student. Paying it off? Not so much. If you get a credit card, I would recommend getting one with the lowest interest rate and only charge what you can pay for. 

Keep a manageable budget with wiggle room for emergency expenses. To set money aside, I like to keep a coin jar for all of my dimes. A full two liter pop bottle full of dimes equals around $700. It takes time but doesn’t require a lot of effort to do. 

Buy a Sunday newspaper and clip some coupons for groceries. If that seems too time consuming, you can use mobile coupons found on your phone to save some cash. Go to your favorite grocery store’s website or use sites like and check what deals they have going on. 

Join an online product reviewing site. Websites like PINCHme give you free products you qualify for so that you can review them and post on social media. Like all college students, I love free stuff and they deliver!

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