Gotta’ get down on Friday

The activities that have everybody looking forward to the weekend

After a long week of classes, there’s no feeling quite like setting the textbooks aside and having some fun. 

Luckily, Big Rapids has plenty of places that are perfect for ringing in the weekend, both on and off campus. 

Students looking for some fun off campus can enjoy a variety of restaurants, many of which offer specials and deals for the Friday festivities. 

Gypsy Nickel Lounge is unique to the area and provides a unique experience for diners as well. There are special events planned every day of the week and, on Fridays, $3 appetizers are available 10 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. 

The Gate is another weekend hot spot. There is a bowling alley, pool tables, bar area and even a few arcade games. For anyone who is looking for a variety of entertainment all in one place, The Gate just might be the perfect solution. 

Of course, Big Rapids nightlife would be incomplete without Shooters. Many students take advantage of FAC or Friday After Classes specials. 

“Most of the time I would go to the FAC with my roommates. They would drink, and I would just get wings and fries,” Ferris manufacturing and engineering sophomore Cody Martin said. 

Bulldogs who are not yet old enough to utilize the bar can still head to Shooters to dance the night away with their friends. 

The downtown area is filled with options, including the AMC Classic Big Rapids movie theater, or Toppings Frozen Yogurt shop. 

With all the activities happening at Ferris, students do not even have to leave campus to find plans for their Friday night. 

Sporting events such as hockey games, are a great opportunity that upperclassmen recommend. 

“On a Friday night, I usually will hang out with friends either at our house or at some of the frat houses. Friday is FAC at Shooters, so they have good deals on drinks. I would encourage freshmen to go to sporting events and stuff like that. It’s just a fun thing to go to and get involved,” Ferris diagnostic medical sonography junior Jaymi Goertz said. 

Some of the best stress relief after a week of classes can come from simply staying in, loading up on snacks, and Netflix binge watching with the roommates. 

“Sometimes me and my friends go to the UC and we see what events are going on around campus. A lot of the time we’ll just chill together in our dorm rooms for movie night or game night. A place that we really like is the Animal Shack downtown,” said pre-diagnostic medical sonography freshman Hope Orent. 

Residence halls are another place to count on for some Friday night fun. 

“There’s always something to do on campus. I feel like there’s always activities. In my hall, they have different stuff every so often, like we’re having a karaoke night tomorrow,” Ferris communications freshman Arielle White said. 

Students can also check the Ferris web calendar for Bulldog Weekend events on campus.

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