Torch Confessions: Birthday surprise

February is my birthday month. On this particular birthday, I was a senior in high school. Birthdays always seemed boring when I spent most of my day in school. 

It was almost the end of the day. I was headed to eighth period, excited to go home and finally celebrate my birthday in freedom. However, poor, unsuspecting Holly didn’t realize what was about to happen. 

My eighth period class was economics, also known as nap time. On this day, we were doing a worksheet in class. Do you remember in high school when you would spend an entire class period doing a worksheet? It was one of those days. 

My class was working on our worksheet. We were busy at work, so it was completely silent. I felt a sneeze coming on, so I let it rip—but I actually let it rip. At the moment of my sneeze, I let out a massive fart. I thought I sneezed loud enough to cover the fart. 

The laughs of my classmates told me that I was mistaken. I tried to pretend it wasn’t me– that it didn’t happen– that it was the small, nerdy girl sitting in front of me. Everyone was looking at me and the nerves got to me. I think I got so nervous that my nose started bleeding. With blood dripping onto my desk, more and more people started giggling at me. I got up to get a tissue, my face red with blood and embarrassment. 

Life lesson: when something that embarrassing happens to you, little things don’t embarrass you anymore.

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