Dawg for a day

A new recruiting program

Potential freshmen now have an opportunity to tour campus in a new way by shadowing an existing student for a day. 

A new program called Crimson and Gold will pair high school students who are considering attending Ferris with current students. The pairing will be a one-on-one day where the high school student will shadow the Ferris student. They will attend classes together, eat a meal at either the Rock or the Quad Café and the student will tag along to experience what a typical day is like for a college student at Ferris. 

The goal of the program is to not only give students who are considering Ferris a better idea of what the university is like, but also to increase enrollment at Ferris which has seen declines along with the majority of universities in Michigan. 

“What [the program] is going to do hopefully is not only excite the current students to be hosts but also to solidify students decisions to come here. We want you to make the right decision the first time and of course we want it to be Ferris,” Coordinator of Admissions Recruiters Angela Garrey said. 

Garrey also added that while some private schools around the country have similar programs for shadowing students, the program at Ferris is the only of its kind in Michigan. This unique opportunity has drawn attention from many people who are excited about the opportunities this program brings. 

“There is a ton of excitement with our hosts and with the students who are signing up. I’ve been getting a lot of calls from students or their parents trying to get it all figured out, a lot of people are really excited for it to start,” Crimson and Gold coordinator Arrielle Miller said. 

As of January, the program had 91 hosts that are employed as student workers and 60 high school students signed up to participate in the program. 

“This program allows current students to show why they chose Ferris and what their daily life looks like as a student,” criminal justice junior and Crimson and Gold host Ashley Harmison said. “I wish that this program would have been around when I was deciding which college to attend.” 

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