Cynically speaking

Valentine’s Day is a horrible idea

Graphic by: Sarah Massey | Production Manager

Flashback to junior year winter dance. It was held on Valentine’s Day, and I was extremely excited to show off my boyfriend to my friends. Honestly, it was a wonderful evening for my boyfriend and me. I even gave him chocolates and to my surprise, he was a great dancer. We even kissed (looking back, it was a horrible kiss). The scene felt like a very cheesy teen romance you’d see running on TV. 

Cheesy romance movie moments are honestly too good to be true. The ex-girlfriend in the picture felt like being vengeful (surprise, surprise). To this day, I am shook at the lengths she went to break us up. It was doomed from the start. The entire situation became awful. These events have led me to believe that cliché acts to show people that you care about them will only lead to pain, especially if you reserve all those acts for one day. 

Because of that day about five years ago leading to emotional struggles in high school, I think reserving acts of affection for one day is ridiculous. 

Let me compare love to one of my favorite meals—the traditional Danish Christmas Eve dinner. You wait in anticipation to eat food that makes you happy. After the meal is over, you’re stuffed and regret having an extra serving. I think that applies to love too. We shouldn’t deprive ourselves of the things we love, only having them once or twice a year. Celebrations that only allow you to express your emotions in a certain way shouldn’t exist because you should acknowledge them every day. Who says love should be reserved for a certain day in the middle of winter? 

Bottling up love and gratitude to release it on one day is a horrible idea. If you are one of the lucky people in this horrible world to find your other half, you should always show them love. 

I’m not implying that you should spend your whole paycheck on them—purchasing things monetarily is not needed. Instead, earn their heart with comforting words and actions. I encourage showing affection and giving your all in a relationship, no matter what day it is.

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