Chasing love

Single and ready to mingle

Whether it’s a first date or a 10-year anniversary, Valentine’s Day is filled with surprises and hopes of kindling the fires of the heart. In contrast, to the picture-perfect hallmark regime, being a single guy on Valentine’s Day is not as glamorous for some male Ferris students. 

“If single people are out on Valentine’s Day, they’re looking for something. I’m looking for someone with a kind soul and a sense of humor that can knock a few cold ones back. I could go out to the bar and have a boy’s night out but I think I’m going to try my hand at finding love,” Ferris accounting senior John Boeskool said. 

Meaningful connections can be hard to come by in our frenzied society, and while some believe in the notion of love at first sight, others dismiss the view that love can happen in an instant and urge others to take their time in relationships. 

“Don’t fall in love on Valentine’s Day; just take somebody out on a date and go from there. Don’t rush into things— if you rush into things, it’s not going to be good. If you want to fall in love on Valentine’s Day, you gotta start in like, July. I’ll be staying in this year to avoid any fake love, I need something tangible,” Ferris facilities management junior Brian Bradley said. 

Timing is everything when it comes to the laws of attraction. Valentine’s Day gives those intertwined in infatuation an avenue to celebrate their end e a v o r s . For others, it serves as an opportunity to express intentions. Those not p a r t a k ing in the festivities may find peace of mind in solace. 

Whether you are courting a significant other, taking a shot on a crush, or reflecting in peace and relaxation just remember, love is in the air. 

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