A little pep in your step

Let's get pumped

The Ferris Pep Band enjoys using their talent and passion to pump up the crowd during a game. Photo by: Sam Cavotta | Torch Photographer

Muffled instruments bellow from behind closed doors in the south east corridor of the Music Center. As the clock strikes 7 p.m., the dull roar comes to a lull and suddenly, with the swing of the entryway, a slew of bright eyed students scamper to their places, eager to rehearse their art. 

Determination is prevalent in the expressions of the band kids as they are dialed in, hanging on every word of Ferris faculty conductor Dr. Dale Scornia. The aura of the vibrant rehearsal facility is lighthearted and welcoming with a touch of grit. 

“At the games, any time we play ‘Sweet Caroline,’ I’ll grab Dale and dance with him, just goofing around. We’ve done that every game for the past two years,” Ferris applied speech communication junior and trumpet player Tristan Scribner said. 

While the students enjoy their time in rehearsal and games they have a strict dedication to their craft and to Ferris athletics. If it weren’t for the sports teams, the pep band would be nonexistent, so they are very committed to firing up the crowd and bringing the bulldog spirit to every game. 

“Supporting the teams is the best part. The GVSU game, which we won by one, was insane. You feel like you’re part of the victory. It’s like we’re the driving force fueling the fans,” Ferris integrated communication studies junior and percussion section leader Benjamin Withey said. 

Check out the band in action next week with a plethora of performances.

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