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Can’t wait for spring break

Whether they’re job searching or searching for a spot on the beach, come Saturday, March 3, all Bulldogs are out of the pound and in spring break mode. 

Far away from the Michigan winter, Ferris accounting major Josh Perkey will be relaxing on his first cruise with friends. 

“I’ll be gone for five days. We’re going to a lot of different places like Nassau, Bahamas and a bunch of beaches and cool resort areas. I’m most excited for the warm weather and I’m 21, so there will be a lot of exotic drinks I’ll get to try,” Perkey said. 

While Perkey is sailing the seas, Ferris criminal justice and psychology major Calvin Kobe will be building houses in Mexico with some fellow Bulldogs. 

“I’m going on a mission trip because I’ve always felt the calling to go on this mission trip. We have about 30 Ferris students going from the RSO His House and we are going with Northern Michigan as well. I went last year on this trip and last time we were there we had time where we dedicated the house to the family. It was a really special experience,” Kobe said. 

Spring break is an excellent opportunity to get some work done. Ferris sports communication junior Makayla Hill will be taking advantage of her time away from campus. 

“For the first half of spring break, I’m working. I work at KFC currently but I’m trying to find another job for the summer time. The next half, I’m going to Atlanta, Georgia, to just spend time with family. We’re going to Six Flags and exploring the downtown. It should be fun, I’m excited for the warm air,” Hill said. 

For Ferris biology freshman James Bryant, going home for break is a five-hour drive. 

“I live in Ohio, so I’m planning on just going home and spending time with my family over break. It will be nice to get away from campus for a while,” Bryant said. 

While Bryant is looking forward to relaxing during his first spring break as a college student, Ferris applied speech communication senior Joseph Niebauer finds himself using his extra time to prepare for graduation. 

“I’m going to continue my job search. I’ve gotten some interviews scheduled for earlier in the month and I’ll probably try to get a couple more scheduled for during spring break. I’m from the Upper Peninsula and there really isn’t too many opportunities up there right now for what I want to do. Currently, I’m in my last interview with Hanover Insurance, I’ve had interviews with Yelp and different staffing companies,” Niebauer said.

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