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Events dedicated to Women’s History month

The Museum of Sexist Objects will be featuring guided tours for Women’s History month. Torch File Photo

With the arrival of March comes the beginning of a special time to consider the impacts women have on society. 

Women’s History Month focuses on the progress women have made in their fight for equality and the progress that is still yet to be made. OMSS will be sponsoring a series of events to get students thinking about the importance of feminism. 

“Just looking at certain professors at Ferris, it’s like they get treated differently just because they’re women. The industry I’m in is more of a male-dominated industry, so I guess those are things that we as a whole would have to change. It’s hard to take out that stigma just because of how stereotypical people are these days. Women just don’t get treated right all the time and I think that’s something that should definitely be looked at and changed,” Ferris construction management sophomore Matt Miller said. 

The first step to change is recognizing the issues, which is the goal of many of the events that will be occurring on campus. There will be a film series addressing topics such as women’s image in advertising and reproductive rights. Students can also attend The Simple Truth About the Gender Pay Gap to learn about how women are disadvantaged in the workplace. 

“There’s a lot of education throughout the events but there’s also fun in it, too. You’re learning while you’re having fun. And it’s also so important because women’s history is—I don’t want to say it’s on the back burner but there’s a lot of stuff that people don’t know. Different people can come out and really learn some things, even if you think you know it, there’s so much more out there,” Ferris psychology junior and event coordinator for OMSS Destinee Hennings said. 

One of the major opportunities available is the Ferris Museum of Sexist Objects. Hourly guided tours will be given March 20 and 22, focusing on the themes of rape culture, body image and the gender binary. 

“I think we’re all caught in the web of the gender binary. We all feel these expectations, like ‘I’m male, therefore I must be this way. I’m female, therefore I must be that way’ and it’s a way to kind of step back, extricate yourself from those societal expectations and to see the pressures that we all face,” Ferris associate professor of history and lead faculty for the museum Tracy Busch said. 

“Sexism hurts men, too—just as much, you could argue, as women. Men are not able to express their full humanity if they’re always supposed to be silent and tough. They can’t cry, they can’t nurture—so sexism hurts everybody in society. That’s what I want people to see.” 

Students interested in visiting the museum should RSVP by emailing moso@nullferris.edu.

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