Bad reputation

Students lodge complaints against Ferris faculty

English 150/250 

“I took the same professor for both English 150 and English 250. The biggest problem with that was the class overall wasn’t very engaging. One thing I also noticed was over both English 150 and English 250, it was literally an identical lesson plan—to the point where I was turning in the same essays for both classes and got an identical grade for both classes. Honestly, the way she taught was a little insulting. It was taught as if we were more elementary students rather than college students. Like one time, she wanted us to write descriptively and in order to do that instead of really reaching us the tricks and the skills of doing that, she brought in dollar store toys—and this is an 8 a.m.—and she handed me a slinky and told me, ‘Play with this slinky for like five minutes and think about it descriptively,’ and I’ve never been more depressed playing with a slinky. I’m thinking, ‘I’ve paid hundreds of dollars for this experience,’ and I truly came away feeling like I wasn’t improved as a student, but instead merely showed up for a grade.” – Ferris plastics and polymer engineering junior Logan Dunsmore12

Intro to Sociology/Criminal 110 

“I had a blind professor in Intro to Sociology and he retired recently but he tried making me take the midterm instead of going to my grandpa’s funeral. And instead of showing up to midterm, I went to my grandpa’s funeral and he flunked me, so I had to drop the course. There was also another professor who taught Criminal 110 and she discriminated against me—actually called me a retard because I wasn’t able to spell a word correctly, which I was only one letter off—and said that I would never make it in the criminal justice program and that I should just switch courses.” – Ferris criminal justice junior Katelyn Williams.

Genetics 101 

“The class is bad because even though the professor is sweet, she’s too old to be teaching. No one can ever hear her in our lecture hall or in lab. She reads the slides but still doesn’t explain things properly. I go to tutoring three times a week and learn through my tutor. Also, she confuses things in lab and will tell me the complete opposite of what we are supposed to be doing or mark something wrong when it’s right, so I also have to go to my tutor.” – Ferris pre-veterinary medicine freshman Megan Johnson


“Well the teacher didn’t really seem to care about the students, like our well beings. He was more worried about flying through the material, he wasn’t open to answering questions, had a heavy accent and when you did ask him a question, he said he didn’t have time. He just wasn’t open to help. Also, his tests were really long to the point where you didn’t have enough class time to complete the test, because a majority of the class, like 90 percent, didn’t finish.” – Ferris pre-med junior Brenna Besko

Property Law 

“The professor has retired since I have taken this class but he would always sleep in the IRC before class and would almost miss class because of this. One class period he never canceled class until we were all there and someone came in to tell us he wasn’t coming in that day—he went to a Trump rally instead.” – Ferris sports communication and legal studies senior Jackie Merillat

Math 115 

“I had a professor that I had to take freshman year or sophomore year, who just wasn’t feeling it. He didn’t enjoy the class, he didn’t enjoy us, we didn’t enjoy him. It was sort of a mutual thing. He didn’t really explain things really well and I think he just didn’t want to teach the class, because you could tell he was going to retire pretty soon.” – Ferris advertising senior Adam Crookston

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