Triple threat

Three-in-one computer software course

Interested in expanding your knowledge of useful computer software? A class is now being offered that may be perfect for you. 

During the 2018 fall semester, students will have the opportunity to take a course on creating professional digital documents. The focus is on the Adobe Creative Suite, which combines InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. 

Ferris graphic media management professor John Conati thinks that taking the class will be beneficial to everyone, because it is intended for beginners who may have no prior knowledge on the material. 

“Any company that produces books, brochures, posters, stickers, all that stuff, will use those three software to create them. A lot of people, if they want something printed, will say ‘I want to design it myself because I can do it,’” Conati said. 

Anyone who is enrolled in a major that requires a high school vocational graphics class but did not have one available to them will want to register for this course. It is also one of the courses students can take to earn a certificate in graphic media production. 

Ferris freshman Allison Samp is undecided in her major but is eager to learn more about the Adobe Creative Suite regardless of the field that she chooses to study. 

“I’m thinking about possibly going into graphic design and I didn’t know that was a class, so I would definitely look into that. People still use Photoshop for personal projects and stuff, so I think it’s definitely a useful course. If you’re in a Registered Student Organization and need to make a poster, you can say ‘I know how,’” Samp said. 

Students who are further along in their major expressed regret in not having this opportunity. Ferris graphic design sophomore Adam Pedersen wishes he could have taken the course. 

“I think having a class such as this would have greatly helped my understanding of the software and in turn made my classes quite a bit easier, since many of us go into programs that require us to know how to use this software when we have little to no experience,” Pedersen said. 

Conati will be teaching one section next fall. Participants will have two hours of lecture and three hours of lab with computer access each week and earn a total of three credits. 

By the end of the course, students will be proficient enough with the software to create a book on any topic of their choice that will be printed out for them to keep as a testament to their hard work throughout the semester. 

“When they’re done, they’re not going to know everything about it but they’re going to feel comfortable working with the software. I teach a course in just Photoshop, a course in Illustrator and a couple in InDesign, so we take it to the next level for our students. It’s a fun, enjoyable, beginning course. If you come and you be here, you’ll do well,” Conati said.

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