Baby come back

Beating post-break blues

As students returned from spring break, distractions from school surrounded the minds of many, leaving students inspired to do just about anything to avoid homework and studying. 

Amidst the longer and sunnier days of spring, stress has become a plague on campus which can contribute to diminishing motivation. 

“My stress level is at a solid eight out of 10,” Ferris early childhood development freshman Shelby Rude said. 

Rude further explains how she is struggling in her Chemistry 114 class because of its fast-paced curriculum. Luckily, Rude found that utilizing her professor’s office hours every Thursday and creating flashcards to study has helped her retain the material. 

To stay motivated to finish out the year with good grades, Rude remembers what she wants her GPA to look like at the end of her college career and how one of her goals is to never have to withdraw from a class. 

Methods of motivation vary greatly among students. Ferris general studies freshman Kasey Walsh favors a reward system in learning. 

“To stay motivated, I am rewarding myself, for example, if I did really well on a test, then I would go get something from Starbucks,” Walsh said. 

Walsh attributes her stress to her geography class and the amount of credits she is taking. However, she has a plan to succeed by not only staying on top of her daily work but reading ahead in the course. 

Contrary to the trend, Ferris pre-pharmacy freshman Remi Wurtz feels less stress now that the semester is coming to a close. 

“Bio was a struggle but I started paying closer attention in class and started taking better notes,” Wurtz said. 

Finish off the semester to the best of your ability, Bulldogs! Whether you’re stressed about the amount of work or relieved to have hit the mid-semester period, remember there are many ways to keep motivated and improve your study methods.

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