Weekly World News

Hong Kong, China 

Police in Hong Kong have arrested 75 people after raiding a prostitution ring on claims of organized prostitution. While prostitution is legal in Hong Kong, organized prostitution is banned and eight of the 75 arrested have been charged from profiting from the work of prostitutes. 

Original story by Tiffany May, March 16, 2018. The New York Times. 


Viola Desmond, a Canadian civil rights activist, is set to be the first black woman to be represented on the Canadian $10 bill. Desmond is known for sitting in a whites-only section of a movie theater in 1946. 

Original story by Ian Austen, March 12, 2018. The New York Times. 

Qaim, Iraq 

Seven U.S. service members died in a helicopter crash near the city of Qaim shortly after takeoff. While the incident is still under investigation, officials do not believe it was a result of an enemy action. There were no survivors and officials will not release the names of the troops until families have been notified. 

Original story by Eileen Sullivan, March 16, 2018. The New York Times. 

United States 

Students nationwide walked out of school to protest gun violence Wednesday, March 14. The protest was inspired by the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Feb. 14. The walkout began at 10 a.m. and lasted 17 minutes, in memory of the 17 people killed in the shooting. 

Original story by Vivian Yee and Alan Blinder, March 14, 2018. The New York Times. 

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