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"Nailed it!"

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Oven mitts are on. It’s time to see who nails it and who fails it.

“Some shows are dedicated to the best baker in the world. This is not one of them,” “Nailed It!” host Nicole Byer said.

The Netflix original series “Nailed It!” is a fast-paced series that favors the underdog.

With one hour on the clock, the bakers are given a dessert that they need to recreate to the best of their abilities. During this time, bakers can call for help once as well as use emergency buttons that are offered to certain contestants. The end products are judged on appearance, taste and the slice that’s cut for the judges.

What’s interesting about “Nailed It!” is that there is a winner in every episode. I favor this because there are too many competitive shows that make you wait 20 episodes just to discover they chose the contestant you hated most.

Contestants make various types of baked goods from cookies to cake pops to good old-fashioned cake, all for a chance to win a $10,000 prize.

Along with Nicole Byer is judge Jacques Torres as well as a special guest judge for every episode. Released March 9, 2018, this six-episode series is light-hearted, fun and of course, hilarious.

Whether this show makes me want to improve my baking skills or veg on the couch eating cake, I’ll never know.

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