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Nobody knows where they might end up

“Grey’s Anatomy” has aired for 14 seasons. Keith Salowich | Demo 64

I love television. Not movies. Television.

I love television the way people love books. I love the characters and being able to paint a life for them. I love the writing that makes me laugh until my side hurts or cry until I can barely see. I love the way the characters begin and grow into these human beings—good or bad—and at the end of the series, feeling like I can’t say goodbye to these people I’ve come to love.

When a character leaves the show, they take a little of my heart with them. When a person dies, I feel the pain for weeks. I get invested. And nothing drives me crazier than seeing people who don’t appreciate a show for what it is and don’t understand that characters change and writers evolve.

I’m a diehard fan of “Grey’s Anatomy.”

On March 27, 2005, writer Shonda Rhimes changed my life forever. George, Izzie, Alex, Cristina and Meredith were interns at Seattle Grace Hospital and had absolutely no idea what they were doing with their lives. The show was about love, sex and surgery. It was great but we all knew that wasn’t going to last forever.

Since then, the show has changed drastically, introducing new characters and topics the audience can relate to. I’m sad to know that “Grey’s” is never going to be the same but that’s okay. Things change and I’m with this show until the end.

Too often do I hear people complain that the show has gone downhill or that they’re glad they killed characters off (to those who claim the day George died was the best day of their life: I will fight you), and I’m left with this feeling of disappointment.

I follow forums on Twitter and Facebook and find myself getting sucked into negative comments. Here, I thought it was great to have a place where all of the people included are dedicated to “Grey’s” as much as I am but I guess I was wrong.

It’s not dedicated to say you stopped watching after season six because that’s when everyone good leaves. It’s not dedicated to hope half the current characters are killed in another plane crash. It’s not dedicated and it’s just not cool. Turn off your phones and sit down.

I’m not saying that there haven’t been lulls but don’t you owe it to the writers and yourself to see where it all ends up? I know Rhimes has tested our trust with plane crashes, buses and shootings but I believe there’s a method to her madness because still, 13 years later, last Thursday’s episode shattered my heart.

That’s good writing and good writing is worth the wait and the frustration.

For 14 seasons, my heart has experienced love, loss, heartache, happiness and misery. I wouldn’t change that for anything. #Greysfordays.

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