Dress for success

Show employers you mean business

Graphic by: Hannah Way | Interim Production Assistant

For women: 

  • No heavy makeup 
  • Two-piece, matched suit in a conservative color 
  • Tailored blouse or knit top that does not show cleavage and doesn’t gape at the chest 
  • Leather shoes with a closed toe, no taller than 2” heel and matching tights or nylons 
  • Carry only one bag or tote 
  • No heavy perfume 
  • Clean and trimmed fingernails 


 For men: 

  • Clean-shaven face or neatly trimmed beard 
  • Two-piece suit that is clean and pressed in a conservative color 
  • Long-sleeved shirt, even in summer 
  • Make sure your belt matches the color of your shoes 
  • Dark dress shoes 
  • Conservative tie or one that is a solid color 
  • No earrings 
  • Clean and trimmed fingernails 
  • No heavy cologne 


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