Prepare the day before

More tips from The First Lady’s Attic

Professional attire can be obtained with quite the pretty penny these days. Luckily, at The First Lady’s Attic, located in the University Center Room 134, students can pick up an outfit for free every year that they attend Ferris. 

  • Lay out your interview outfit the evening before and check for stains, tears or missing buttons. 
  • Make sure your interview clothing is clean and well pressed. 
  • Except for women’s earrings, avoid body piercing jewelry. 
  • Avoid heavy perfume, cologne and aftershave. 
  • Men should be clean-shaven. A carefully trimmed beard or mustache is also acceptable. Avoid stubble that looks like a few days of growth. 
  • If possible, cover your tattoos. 
  • Do not wear flashy jewelry or watches. 
  • Hair should be fully restrained so it does not hang in front of your eyes. 

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