Aching for art

Appreciating the finer things in life

Drawn to Art promotes creativity in all mediums by taking group trips throughout the year and welcoming all students. Photo by: Abbey Good | Multimedia Editor

Drawn to Art is an RSO that focuses on all different aspects of art, from music to film. 

“An interesting thing about our group is we used to have only art history people in it but we’ve expanded to for anyone who’s interested in any type of art,” Ferris integrated studies senior Velvet Underwood said. Underwood helped create Drawn to Art one year ago when she noticed the lack of an art-loving community on campus. With Underwood was Ferris history senior Alyssa Rosebrugh’s appreciation for art history. Their motivations helped create the welcoming organization Drawn to Art is today. 

Along with an appreciation for art, Drawn to Art is event-centered and focuses on collaboration, community service and creativity. 

To ensure each member’s creativity will continue to thrive during their time at Ferris, members of the art organization take trips to local galleries and events, and try to find ways to serve their community along the way. 

“We had Festival of the Arts where we did three events and we also have been collaborating with ArtWorks downtown. We helped judge the current ArtWorks exhibit going on. We’re just trying to get involved on and off campus in some form of art,” Rosebrugh said. 

Drawn to Art will be taking a trip to the Grand Rapids Art museum later in April for all members, along with a trip to ArtPrize in the 2018 fall semester. “Joining the group helped me see art in a new way,” Ferris graphic media management junior Steven Andersen said. 

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