Cheers to second chances

An evening accessible to everyone

Students are going to have the opportunity to either relive their high school prom or create a memorable experience they’ve never had. 

“Prom in high school can be challenging for many students in not just the LGBT community but also anyone that couldn’t afford it or that might have sensory issues,” Ferris social work senior Connor McGahan said. 

This realization is what inspired McGahan and other members of the Advocacy and Education of Gender Identity and Sexuality (AEGIS) RSO to hold a Second Chance Prom. The RSO members were inspired to host this event from an annual conference they attend. 

“My senior prom was amazing. I went with great people and the night was magical. I want everyone to be able to have that amazing night,” McGahan said. 

While McGahan’s prom experience is something he wants to share with others, another member of AEGIS feels a bit differently about his prom experience. 

“When I originally went to prom in high school, I had to wear a dress, as I still identified as a woman at the time and we had a rather restrictive dress code,” Ferris biology junior Scott Rogers said. 

As a result, he did not enjoy himself as much as he could have, given that he felt uncomfortable in his outfit and was teased by friends for wearing flats instead of heels. Thanks to Second Chance Prom, Rogers gets the opportunity to feel happy and comfortable in a suit while attending the event with all of his friends. 

“For many students with disabilities who are in the LGBTQ+ community or may be of a lower economic status, events like prom and homecoming aren’t welcoming events, which can leave students with bad memories of what should have been a good time and a celebration of their success,” Rogers said. 

The goal of the Second Chance Prom is to provide an accepting environment where students can celebrate their individuality and replace bad experiences at school dances in the past. 

“There’s going to be a lot less social pressure because there’s no popularity contest of prom king and queen,” Ferris television and digital media productions freshman Emily Perry said. 

At the prom, there will still be a chance to be royalty but this time it will be decided by a raffle. This will be Perry’s third time attending a prom and she anticipates that this will be her favorite one. 

“This event is open to everyone. Please come out and show your support. We will be having food and a good time. Who cares if you don’t have a date? Come celebrate the end of the year with your friends,” Rogers said. 

Some things you should know… 

  • Tickets are available April 16-20 in the LGBT Resource Center in the CLACS office. 
  • Tickets are $10 per FSU student and $15 per non FSU student throughout the week.
  • Tickets will be sold for $15 per FSU student and $20 per non FSU student at the door. 
  • Second Chance Prom will be held in UC 202. 
  • There is a sensory-friendly room in the Founder’s Room. 

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