Torch Confessions: Prom

I was very heartbroken going into prom and even more heartbroken when I left. 

They always show in the movies how romance can be re-kindled at high school proms. In real life, that is a joke. The group of people that I went to prom with was quite large: a few of my hooligan friends from history class, two of my best girlfriends, a few friends from orchestra and of course, my ex-boyfriend and his best friend. 

To this day, I still think I have never looked better than I did on senior year prom night. I was looking so good that I was nervous that people would faint when they saw me, which made me very anxious. 

The dinner was horrible, and we were at a fancy Italian restaurant and banquet hall. The music matched the monstrosity of the food. So sitting at the table was very awkward, very little conversation happened, other than insulting the food. 

To my own dismay, I was noticing that my ex was not looking or talking to me at all. When slow dance songs came on, my entire group would disperse immediately. We were by far the most awkward kids at my high school. 

The worst part was that I had to drive my ex home. Him and I had discussed going to dance in the park where we first met. I was very excited for this during the entire time at the banquet hall. I pulled into the parking lot at the park and he seemed confused and I reminded him of the plan. He quickly pulled out his phone and acted like his mom had just frantically called him. He was horrible at faking this. He demanded that I drive him home immediately. 

I was extremely embarrassed to say the least. Regardless, the best part of prom was seeing someone stall a 1970 Shelby Cobra Mustang in the parking lot at the banquet hall. 

The look on that kid’s face—utterly priceless. 

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