Chat with the Chief: That’s it

I wasn’t supposed to come to Ferris State University.

Three years ago I did the thing that every parent fears and every 16-year-old is warned about: I followed my high school boyfriend. I followed him so far that before I knew it, I was 350 miles away from home and everything I knew.

Long story short, it didn’t last two months into my first semester here and not only was I not in Kansas anymore (Ohio actually) but I was alone.

So I picked myself up and I did the only thing I could do, short of dropping out—I made a home here.

I guess the biggest thing I’ve gleaned from the whole experience is that you can make all the plans you want, but whatever is going to happen is going to happen.

So I’d like to thank a moment to thank a few people, and this is where you can probably tune out if you don’t care about my personal life.

Thank you to my family for supporting me (mostly virtually) over the years. You didn’t always agree with my decisions, and that probably isn’t going to change anytime soon but you stuck by me nonetheless.

Thank you to everyone at the Torch over the last three years; I can’t imagine what my life at college would have been without you.

Thank you to Steven Fox, for being my biggest critic and my most valued counselor.

Thank you to Kasey Short and all of the other professors in the College of Business that have guided me along the way and tried their best to prepare me for the big, crazy “real” world.

Thank you to every single person to ever pick up a paper or click a link—without you, my job wouldn’t have been worth doing.

Finally, thank you to Keith. You have been my confidant, my mentor and my best friend. I cannot wait for our next chapter.

So with that dear reader, I bid you adieu. Go. Make mistakes. Pick the wrong door, walk through it and make something amazing.

Good luck.

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