Do not try to date me right now

I mean it

This is my honest opinion about people who want to date me right now: please stop disrespecting my wishes and understand there is nothing you can do to change my mind, no matter how amazing you are.

I love to talk to people. I will talk about almost any- thing but when I realize someone wants to be more than friends, I get this feeling of dread that clouds me for days on end. It makes me extremely anxious, I will tell you straight up that I do not want to be in a relationship and if the trend continues, you will try to convince me otherwise.

I find that extremely disrespectful. If I am giving you the chance to still be friends then please don’t flirt harder or try to convince me that you are a genu- inely good guy or gal. I don’t find this entertaining or impressive in the slightest.

Winning my heart over is not some kind of game you should play, because I promise, even if you do, I will cut you off very quickly. At this point in my life, I am trying to become the person of my dreams—the woman that wakes up excited to start her day. I’m sorry if you think that having you in my life is going to make me want to wake up every morning. You are sorely mistaken.

Words or actions will not change my mind. What will change my outlook on life is when I start seeing hard work pay off. I am at the point where I am see- ing that and damn, do I want more. I am hungry for one thing: success. I want to look in the mirror every day and say to myself with confidence, “damn, look at that badass woman.” That’s what I am hungry for at this point in my life at least. As well as an endless supply of false lashes and tacos.

I deeply care for the friends I am blessed to have, for my car, for my family, my grades and my future. Don’t ask me to spread my ability to care in a romantic direction. I love seeing my friends happy in relationships—don’t get me wrong. I look forward to the day that I feel ready to love romantically again. For now, I’m satisfied with honing the art of loving my past, present and future self.