Rate your residence hall

The good, the bad and the ugly


Vandercook Hall

“My experience in Vandercook was alright. I loved the hall itself but there were a couple of things that they could fix. One thing they could improve is the size of the washing
machines. I feel like if we have to pay to wash clothes, they should be bigger like the dryers. I liked how they had different activities in the lobby and I thought they were fun and
a good way to make friends.” – Ferris psychology first year Shamira Dunn

Puterbaugh Hall

“My hall didn’t have anything going on but it was pretty quiet, so it’s okay.” – Ferris graphic design freshman Megan Kleitch.

Ward Hall

“There’s a reason that I’m moving to an apartment next year.” – Ferris applied mathematics sophomore Ben Doyle. 

North Hall

“North Hall is awesome. It got a little loud at times but it was great. I felt like I was
living in a hotel.” – Ferris pre-medicine freshman James Bryant

Pickell Hall

“Pickell is nice. It’s really quiet because it’s an honors dorm. The RAs are really nice. I love it. It’s been my home away from home for two years now.” – Ferris plastics engineering sophomore Caleb Jergens

Cramer Hall

“My experience at Cramer was mostly good. The RAs were friendly and there were a lot of activities to attend in our dorm. Being on the 10th floor was okay but my floor was loud at times, which made it hard to study. I never liked to use the laundry room because there were rumors of stuff being stolen. But I liked the location of it being next to the Allied Health Building and DPS.” – Ferris medical laboratory science first
year Cathleen Gray