Hanging out

Taking a look at popular hammocks, straps and places to go

Whether you’re napping or reading a good book, kick off your shoes and spend your summer evenings hammocking. Photo by: Sarah Massey I Production Manager

Ferris students can be seen hammocking all around campus but for those looking to get into hammocking for the first time, there are a few things to know.

Top Brands
Eagles Nest Outftters (ENO)
Price – Singlenest = $57-68 Doublenest = $62-70
Amazon review (doublenest) – 5 stars (2,612 reviews)

Hammock Sky [NO Single available]
Price – Double = $50
Amazon review (double) – 4.5 stars (1,307 reviews)

Bear Butt Hammocks [NO Single available]
Price – Double = $30
Amazon review (double) – 5 stars (2,158 reviews)

When purchasing a hammock, it is important to consider the straps that come with it as well. Inexpensive hammocks at the grocery store that cost around $20 are often a significantly lower quality. Hammocks that use a rope to tie around a tree damage and kill trees and are banned in many Michigan cities. Tree-friendly straps are often worth the investment because they keep trees and users safe.

Top Straps
ENO Atlas Straps
Price – $30
Amazon review – 5 stars (1,518 reviews)
Length – 9 feet each
Weight limit – 400 pounds

Kammock Python Straps
Price – $30
Amazon review – 4.5 stars (216 reviews)
Length – 10 feet each
Weight limit – 500 pounds

Nature’s Hangout Hang Tight Straps XL
Price – $25
Amazon review – 5 stars (289 reviews)
Length – 14 feet each
Weight limit – 700 pounds

Once a hammock is chosen there has to be a place to set it up. Big Rapids offers plenty of places to hang a hammock and relax.

Ferris’ campus
Ferris has dozens of places to hang a hammock. There is the “treeangle,” which is the three trees by the crosswalk from FLITE to Starr. There are also trees outside of Hallisy Hall that work for setting up and many other spots all over campus. The longer your straps are, the further
apart the trees you choose to hammock from can be.

East Campus Suites woods
This is a perfect area to set up a hammock because there are trees to choose from everywhere. It is also right next to the river and if you hike in for a few minutes, it offers multiple areas that are more open and less wet ground. If it hasn’t been dry outside be prepared to get
your shoes a little dirty or to set up at the beginning. The main entrance is located in the parking lot of St. Paul Campus Parish.

Local Parks
The parks in Big Rapids don’t offer a lot of options for hammocking but they do offer some nice and scenic options. Hemlock Park and Northend Riverside Park both have trees that you can hang hammocks from.

All pricing, strap length and weight limit information
came from Amazon.com.