Backyard games

The best games to enjoy in the Summer months

Graphic by: Sarah Massey I Production Manager

The books have been returned, notebooks have been thrown away and it is officially time for the summer of 2018.  The coats, boots, hats, and gloves have been put aside for a few months and everyone is dusting off their bathing suits, tank tops and shorts.
As a child, you may remember playing fun summer games such as a ding-dong ditch, foursquare, tag, freeze tag, cops and robbers, ghost in the graveyard and many more. The games don’t need to stop as you get older and there are plenty out there that can fulfill your excitement.
With so many to choose from, we’ve narrowed it down to four fun-filled games to play in the coming months, including a few favorites from Ferris athletes.

  1. Giant Beer Pong – We’re guessing you know what beer pong is – you know, the game played on a makeshift table with plastic cups and ping pong balls? Giant beer pong makes that type of beer pong look like child’s play. This game is played with the traditional rules of beer pong but six trash cans (or buckets) on each side replace the cups and volleyballs (or rubber balls) replace the ping pong balls. Typically this game doesn’t involve the drinking portion but if you are with college friends and are of-age, then go for it!
  2. Bean Bag Ladder Toss – This game is unique and it takes a great deal of accuracy. First, you need a step-ladder and teams of four to participate. Next, label each rung of the step-ladder with points ranging 10-50, starting with 10 points on the bottom rung and 50 on the top rung. Some people choose to make the top and bottom 50 each. The goal is to throw a beanbag and hit each target with the valued point total. The first team to 500 wins the game and each team member rotates, so everyone has a fair chance and there
    is no cheating.
  3. Ladder Toss – This game consists of teams of two and is played with three bolas on each side, game ladders and steps/rungs. Bolas are very easy to construct: typically you will need two golf balls connected with a piece of nylon rope to create
    one bola. The game ladder consists of three steps or rungs on them. The top rung is worth three points, the middle is worth two points, and the bottom is worth one point. The game ladders are typically placed about 15 feet apart and you start by tossing your bolas. Each team member hurls all three bolas and then the next player will do the same. The first team to 21 without going over is crowned the winner. “Ladder Toss is always a summer go-to for me,” Ferris senior cross-country runner Kelly Babcock said. “It’s a pretty relaxed and can get four people involved, plus you can always have a free hand for a drink. Don’t let this game fool you though, it is a lot harder than it appears.” 
  4. Pickle – This is a game that tests athleticism and technique. The game is played with two bases and two people are picked to be catchers. They then throw a tennis ball back and forth while runners have to run between the plates without getting tagged. You can’t stay on a base for more than three throws, so you really have to pick the perfect opportunity to take off. If you get tagged, you lose a life and each player is awarded three lives. If you lose all three, you will then become a thrower. “Pickle is a game that we’ve played summer after summer in my family. While it does get really competitive at times, it truly has made some of the best memories we’ve had as kids and is still fun even as I get older,” Ferris women’s basketball junior guard Riley Blair said. 

Now that you have heard some of our favorites and some Ferris athletes’ favorite games, you can share these and your competitive spirit with your friends and family to make some of the best get-togethers this summer.