Home sweet home

The guide for decking out your dorm

It’s that time of year where residential veterans and first-timers alike will find themselves in cohabitation for the next nine months in a place that’ll have you missing your hometown bed. So, unpack your bags. It’s time to turn a bleak space into your home away from home.

“My roommate and I planned ahead of time what color scheme we were going to go with,” Ferris biology sophomore Sarah Johnson said. “We bought our bedding and decor in that color scheme to give a more unified vibe. It was fun getting to decorate our room and seeing all the stuff that she had bought and showing her all the stuff I bought. It’s like a little design project.”

If Walmart and dollar stores have taught us anything, it’s that bedding and decor do not have to be expensive. Many stores have a back-to-school section carved out specifically for college students where you’ll find many classroom and dorm room essentials.

“My number one tip would be to add Christmas lights or pictures. You can add pictures or posters of things that you like or interest you. Or you could add chairs and beanbags if you like gaming and watching TV—really make it a home away from home,” Johnson said.

Though Christmas lights will create a more aesthetic atmosphere, photos of friends and family can make a dorm more personable. Tape and tacks are not allowed on dorm walls, but students can use command strip to hang tapestries, picture collages or posters for an added flare.

“I got my bedding and some storage stuff from Walmart for 50 bucks. They have a section specifically for going back to school with some good deals,” Ferris business junior Alex Jackson said.

Target, Walmart and Meijer have back-to-college sections with items directed towards on-campus living, ranging from hangers to mini-fridges, at discounted rates.

“For me, I made a list of everything I thought I needed in my room, then I went around my house and looked for everything that my family already had that we weren’t using. You would be surprised at what is laying around your house unused. I didn’t have to buy a lamp or hangers or a laundry basket. We even had some sheets laying around,” Ferris pre-nursing sophomore Carmen Del Clare said.

Hannah Way | Production Assistant