On the record

A roundup of this summer’s crime at Ferris State University

Hands to yourself, please
April 23, 12:01 a.m., officers
investigated a report of criminal
sexual conduct in the 4th degree
at Bond Hall. One subject was arrested.
You high bro?
April 27, 3:32 a.m., officers discovered
controlled substance and
narcotics equipment violations on
Campus Drive and Perry Street.
One subject was arrest and referred
to the Office of Student
Nah, are you?
May 16, 8:59 p.m., officers received
a report of a controlled
substance violation on Ferris and
Family Drive. One subject was arrested.
Literally no one asked for this
June 12, 2:24, officers discovered
a subject guilty of indecent
exposure in Lot 56. The case was
closed and the warrant was denied.