Ferris Fantasy Football

Welcome back Bulldogs! It’s time for yet another installment of the Torch’s Ferris Fantasy Football. Considering the fact that this will be my first time heading this section of sports, I decided to put my own spin on things.

The biggest thing to note is that this year’s Fantasy Football will be ran as a point per reception (PPR) league. This will produce larger numbers for wide receivers and tight-ends, making them more relevant in the scoring column.

Another change to note this year is the fact that I will only be allowed to pick one player from a certain team per week. For example: if I were to pick Antonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers, I could not pick another Steelers’ player in the same week.

As always, no player can be repeated in the regular season. If I do manage to make the playoffs, this rule will be thrown out the window. I look forward to seeing the scores of professional players and Ferris athletes alike. Hopefully, Tony Annese’s squad doesn’t embarrass mine too much.