Wish I would’ve known

Tips from a graduating senior

Starting new at an unfamiliar place can be hard and having to learn the ropes is never easy. Knowing even just a few things before starting fresh can always make a new start easier, so here are a few tips to help with transitioning into college life.

TIP #1
Parking meters are free after 5 p.m. The exception is the Rock Cafe (Lot 39) meters in which parking is enforced until 8 p.m.

TIP #2
Students can receive dis- counts on many things, au- tomotive being one. Repairs for vehicles from 2002 and newer have a shop fee of $5 and no labor charges for repairs.

TIP #3
Additionally, students receive discounts with their FSU ID at the Katke Golf Course and on Ferris hockey game tickets.

TIP #4
All sports, except hockey, are free for students to attend so long as they have their student ID.

TIP #5
Students are able to take fruit out with them at the Rock and the Quad. However students are unable to use to-go boxes at the Rock.

TIP #6
Figure out how long it takes you to get to class and where your class is at. Knowing this can benefit you in the long run—more time to sleep in or grab a coffee.

TIP #7
Online classes can be hard but staying on top of them is key. Don’t make the mistake to think you can cram the whole course load in one week.