Road to relaxation

1. Turn off your phone. Shutting down social media doesn’t have to be just before you go to bed. By giving yourself some phone-free time during the day, you’ll have more time for studying and less time to be mad because your friend or significant other won’t text you back. Dedicate one to two hours a day to do something other than scrolling through your newsfeed and notice how you feel.

2. Cut the caffeine. Though your morning coffee may keep you awake for your 8 a.m., try to dial it down by the time bedtime rolls around. Instead of a caffeinated beverage like soda or energy drinks, try drinking decaffeinated tea before bed. There are varying types, including “bedtime teas” that could help you unwind from a stressful day, so you don’t end up laying awake in bed running through tomorrow’s to-do list…again.

3. ASMR. Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response videos are just a click away! Simply YouTube “ASMR sleep” or “ASMR relaxation” videos and you’ll connect with many videos with a main purpose to treat your ears while soothing your mind.

4. Sweat it out. Get the endorphins going by doing a quick jog around campus. Not your thing? Hit the Rec Center or do an at-home-workout for a half an hour and see how you feel afterwards.

5. Get steamy. After your workout, hit the showers. A hot bath will help relax your muscles, which could impact your overall quality of sleep.

The essentials 

Graphic by: Hannah Way I Production Assistant

“I love using essential oils. I use them in my dorm room, and they make everything smell good and clean. My favorite is lavender.”
-Ferris nursing freshman Margo Howard

“I love using lemon oil to keep things smelling fresh and clean. It works really well to clean kitchen counters, as well.”
-Ferris biology sophomore Kylie Wilson

“When I was little, my mom would put tea tree oil to help me get rid of my headaches. I’ve done it ever since.”
-Ferris pre-med freshman Danielle Simon