Free Fridays

Live music and good times

Graphic by : Hannah Way I Production Assistant

There are two more chances to spend your Friday rocking out to a free concert in town.

Beginning in 2007, the Pocket Park Series hosts a band every Friday night during the summer at Pocket Park in Big Rapids. This year’s events were held June through September and will be ending Friday, Sept. 21.

“Artworks and the Downtown Business Association (DBA) were instrumental in putting it together. In its beginning stages, Artworks was responsible for getting the bands and various downtown businesses sponsored weekly,” President of the DBA Randy Ostrander said.

Ostrander was in charge of lining up the bands for Pocket Park this year. The music genres vary week to week and as Ferris students began returning to campus, Ostrander tried to introduce more rock bands to Pocket Park in hopes that students would visit the event with friends.

“It’s a great event and everyone is happy to be involved,” Ostrander said.

As well as a new band every week, 16 non-profits are also chosen to be honored during these events.

“The non-profits are invited to have two people have lunch and speak during the bands’ intermission. This year, Schuberg’s Insurance and Auto Owners decided to add a $100 check to the non-profits as an added way of giving back,” Ostrander said.

Some bands that have performed in the past were Outlaw Express, Bob Craig and The Lazy Leprechauns. Attendees can expect to see Allison LeVeque and Friends, and Third Power on their next visits to Friday’s Pocket Park Series.

“It’s a constantly evolving event that we are always looking for ways to improve,” Ostrander said. “The bands are from all over. Hayley Reardon came from Massachusetts last year and I am always impressed with the quality of music and the number of good-hearted people enjoying it.”

There will be two more bands playing at Pocket Park before the end of the season. The shows will be Friday Sept. 14 and Friday Sept. 21 from noon to 2 p.m. in Pocket Park, just south of 125 N. Michigan Ave.

“If you haven’t been downtown to hear it, you really should. It personifies the Big Rapids’ motto ‘You’ll love it here,’ and I do,” Ostrander said.

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