Need for greens

Students express their desires for healthier alternatives

Ranging from Mongolian to Mexican cuisine, Ferris criminal justice third year Trebor Rymal enjoys the variety of options offered by the on-campus food courts.

“I like that they’re different. Like, the Quad has a better breakfast—not to say the Rock has a bad breakfast by any means—but I feel like
the Quad had better options. Like, the Tex-Mex skillet or whatever they call it and the Rock has Mongo. But a lot of it seems unhealthy, like you can go in and unintentionally eat very unhealthy, very easily,” Rymal said.

While many students love the options given to them, many find it to be a struggle to find healthy available options on campus.

“I feel like we could have more healthy options because that is something I’ve been looking for recently. I’ve been trying to eat healthier, trying to lose the ‘freshman 15,’ and I have to go from specific place to specific place and take one or two things and make my own plate. I know it’s not the end of the world but it would be nice if there was a healthy option,” Ferris television and media production sophomore
Kristin Kirsch said.

Statistics also show from that 35.7 percent of adults ages 20 to 39 were obese, while 7.8 percent struggle with severe obesity.

“I do notice the rate of obesity is going up. I can tell even before students get to college. I’m in the dining center when students come in for orientation and there are just more students who are obese than there were years ago,” Ferris registered dietician Brenda Walton said.

While students feel they are struggling to eat healthy on campus, Walton disagrees that healthy options aren’t available for students, noting
the salad bars offered. The Ferris menus for the Rock and Quad can also give students the nutritional facts behind meals, such as the products
in meals and their nutritional

Still, some students would like to see some changes made with the options given to them, hoping for more fresh fruit and vegetables.

“You have all these options, like icecream and fries when walking in, but then there is only one little section with healthy food and salads. But then again, you choose the iceberg lettuce and it’s not really even that nutritional,” Ferris general education sophomore Kristin Cebelak said

Graphics by : Hannah Way I Production Assistant