Embrace Mother Nature

Appreciate Michigan weather in all of its glory

Graphic by: Sarah Massey I Production Manager

People who talk bad about the weather are unconsciously saying a lot about themselves.

We all do it sometimes, but there comes a time when complaining is unneeded. We live in Michigan, and our weather is a part of life, whether people want it to be or not. A lot of people claim the heat in the summer is unbearable, and in the winter the cold stops your blood from flowing. In the fall you want just it to snow already, and in the spring it’s just a little too cold. Well, how about you just appreciate the
range of seasons that residents of the state of Michigan get to experience instead?

People who always complain about the weather like that are either not appropriately dressed for it or people who can only handle a dull climate. The seasons hold so much life and excitement within them. We’re lucky.

It is essential that people learn to appreciate changes in the weather if they want to learn how to handle the rollercoaster that life, especially college life, is. As someone in their junior year who has extreme mood swings, I’m still learning how to lean with the twists and turns of
the tracks of life. It will be something I will be working on for my entire life. I’ll even admit to complaining about the weather, but that’s only when I’m ill-prepared for it. Accepting the changes in the weather comes with practice and preparation. There’s music, food, clothes and decorations for every season. It makes life so incredibly exciting and colorful.

Why should someone want to have a boring life? Embrace the excitement of change rather than hide from it. There will be a day when you wished you had danced in the rain, jumped in that pile of leaves, wore shorts that were too darn short in the scorching heat and had gotten to experience frostbite when the world turned into an arctic tundra.