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Nairobi, Kenya
The MV Nyerere, a Tanzanian ferry, capsized Thursday, Sept. 22, killing at least 209 people. One survivor was discovered in an air pocket inside the boat two days after it overturned. The ferry’s official capacity was 100 people, but the ferry may have been carrying three times the capacity when it capsized.

Original story by Joseph Goldstein, Sept.
22, 2018. The New York Times.

Rio de Janeiro

Renato de Avila Viana, a Brazilian diplomat facing assault allegations, was fired after neighbors reported a woman calling for help in the diplomat’s home. Viana is accused of kicking and head-butting a former girlfriend in November 2016, who sustained injuries that required reconstructive surgery.

Original story by Ernesto Londono and
Manuela Andreoni, Sept. 21, 2018. The
New York Times.