Lost in the clouds

The pros and cons of vaping

Ferris mechanical engineering freshman Eliana Alvarado blows a vape cloud as a way to destress. Photo by : Megell Strayhorn I Multimedia Editor

Whether it’s sweet, fruity or minty fresh, many students, such as Ferris nursing freshman Alyssa Goodwin, have encountered vaping at college.

“I’ve vaped a couple of times before. It’s fine, I just don’t really see the point in it, unless you were actually addicted to cigarettes and you’re trying to stop. I feel like people just do it to look cool and edgy,” Goodwin said.

The increasingly popular activity has many hidden health concerns. According to benefitsbridge.unitedconcordia.com, vaping can be just as addictive as cigarette smoking.

“I started doing it because my friend had one and I tried it. Since then, I only do it occasionally. It can be fun sometimes. I like the flavor of the juices, and doing tricks with the smoke can be fun,” Ferris business administration freshman Valerie Stewart said.

When vaping, people can not only blow massive clouds of smoke, but they can also manipulate the way the smoke cloud changes by changing their mouth position.

“A lot of my friends are — well, I don’t know if they’re addicted — but they vape way too much. It’s almost funny how much. I’m one of those people who are against vaping on your way to class and all that. There’s a time and a place for that, but when you do it every hour of the
day, you have a problem,” Ferris secondary education freshman Jonathan Bryant said.

While many people who vape are entertained by the smoking tricks they can do, others enjoy vaping as a way of trying new things.

“I mostly like the juice flavors,” Stewart said. “It’s fun to buy and try new and different flavors. Each kind of juice has a different nicotine level. Zero is totally without nicotine, and then the higher you go, the more nicotine is in the juice. The more nicotine that is in the juice, the
more of a high you get off of it.” For more information on how vaping can affect your health, attend the Arts and Sciences Student Success Series seminar 11 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 11, in Science 102.

The above information was found on benefitsbridge.unitedconcordia.com and drugabuse.gov.

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