Crucial clockwork

Time management troubles and techniques

Managing schedules can be one of the most difficult aspects of college, but there are methods that students can use to help stay on top of their deadlines.

For many Bulldogs, like Ferris business administration senior Eric Chase, jobs take up a major part of their week, adding one more thing to their plates and making it harder to keep their lives balanced.

“Time management is really big in my life because I’ve worked full-time throughout all of college … I thought it was really challenging to work full-time and go to school full-time, but somehow I did it,” Chase said.

For Ferris communications senior Taylor Hartfield-White, a shift at work can signal the end of the day and sap motivation to do homework after.

“That’s really when I get behind, is I work after class sometimes,” Hartfield-White said. “So when I get off work, I don’t really feel like doing anything. Then the weekend comes, and then I just put things off. So if there’s something like a paper, I’ll just wait until the last minute.”

Different methods work best for different individuals, but popular time management techniques include using a planner and cellphone apps such as notes, reminders and calendar.

“Honestly, every night I just usually look at the syllabus, or I use Blackboard, basically just the assignment tabs,” Ferris marketing junior Dayne Davis said. “Most of the time I procrastinate. I usually end up getting it done like the night or two nights before it’s due.”

Procrastination is a common struggle that college students face. Sometimes, grades can be negatively affected.

“One of my papers I had for three weeks, and I did it the last week before it was due. I mean I still got, like, a C-plus, but I could’ve done better if I used my time wisely,” Ferris elementary education sophomore Gabrielle Dobroczynski said.

With constant distractions such as clubs, sports and parties, priorities can easily become shifted.

“Time management, I think, is hard because there’s a lot of distractions. It’s a lot easier to have fun than just to sit down and do work,” Chase said. “I think the other thing is that people — even I — can look back and be like, ‘Okay I procrastinated, but it turned out okay and I got a good grade, so, you know, so be it. It wasn’t that bad.’”

Ultimately, Hartfield-White said, it is important for students to remember that college is about their education.

“Parties will always be around, but you only have one chance to do your homework,” Hartfield-White said. “There’s always going to be parties when you’re done with your homework.”