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Nairobi, Kenya
A tanker truck hit a bus and caught fire in the Democratic Republic of Congo, killing at least 50 people. More than 100 people suffered burns.
The interim governor of Kongo Central Province, Atou Matubuana, said officials would take care of the deceased and help those wounded in the fire.
Original story by Steve Wembi, Oct. 6, 2018. The New York Times.

London, England
An eight-year-old girl discovered a sword in a Swedish lake that dates back to the 5th or 6th century. The sword is about 33 inches long and
is black-brown in color. The sword will appear on display in the Jonkoping County Museum in Sweden in about a year.
Original story by Palko Karasz, Oct. 6, 2018. The New York Times.

Port-Au-Prince, Haiti
An earthquake with a magnitude of 5.9 hit Haiti, killing at least 11 and injured more than 100 people. The earthquake was centered near
the town of Port-de-Paix and had a depth of about 7 ¼ miles. This was the strongest earthquake to hit Haiti since one with a 7.0 magnitude struck in 2010, killing tens of thousands of people.
Original story by Reuters, Oct. 7, 2018. The New York Times.

Hong Kong, China
A zookeeper in Japan was mauled by a rare white tiger and died as a result. The zookeeper, Akira Furusho, was pronounced dead at a hospital after he was found bleeding from the neck in a cage. The tiger, Riku, was sedated following the attack. Police are investigating the zoo’s care practices for Riku and the three other white tigers they have.
Original story by Mike Ives, Oct. 9, 2018. The New York Times.