Enjoy being employed

On-campus employment builds student time management

Ferris automotive engineering technology junior Trevor Wells umpires an Intramural softball game. Photo by : Kaitlyn Kirchner I Torch Photographer

On-campus jobs provide many benefits for Ferris students that off-campus jobs don’t account for.

Being a full-time student while managing a job is difficult, but some on-campus options make it easier. According to Ferris pharmacy senior Megan McGrath, who works at the University Center information table, student employment encourages students to keep their education a main priority, even allowing her to do homework while working.

“On campus, they really work with your schedule pretty well, and they make sure that school is first,” McGrath said.

Some students worry that with a job they won’t have enough time to study for a full schedule of classes. According to Ferris hospitality management senior Luke Pattison, who works with Intramurals, positions on campus are often more understanding when it comes to a student’s schedule.

“The biggest difference is intramurals are a lot more forgiving when it comes to class or homework,” Pattison said. “You can pretty much make your own work schedule.”

Working on campus not only can give students a reason to get outside of the classroom and out of their dorm to meet new people, but it can also provide them with the opportunity to get to know more about their school.

“I really like that our office deals with so many different aspects of campus and I get to meet so many people that I wouldn’t just on my way to the science building,” Ferris pre-vet junior and Center for Leadership, Activities, and Career Services (CLACS) desk worker Ciara Kibby said. “It’s so much more of a fun environment being here because I work with other students who share the same struggles.”

Ferris manager of student employment John Randle said there are currently 1,935 student employees and the number is still expected to rise this year. He also said the most popular jobs for current Ferris students around campus include dining, athletics, resident life and FLITE. Randle said student employment really tries to understand students’ lives.

“Our departmental supervisors understand that you’re here as a student, your primary reason for being here is to be a student and to get a degree,” Randle said. “It’s important to work, but they’re normally very flexible in the scheduling.”

Randle believes student employment can be beneficial for students and social life.

“With any student employment job, it helps students learn about campus, but it also gives students relationships with their coworkers and with their supervisors and like-minded individuals,” Randle said. “It’s one more relationship, one more bond that they create with the university to help them get through school.”