Chat with the chief: Art and soul

It’s common sense that workers should be paid for their services, and in most situations, people are entirely accepting of this.

However, when it comes to artists, I’ve found this to not always be the case.

I’ve been practicing art within digital media for about four years now, both through classes and for fun, at an amateur level. Although I don’t produce art for money, I know a lot of people at Ferris who are ridiculously artistic and use their skills to generate profit.

I have friends who are jaw-droppingly talented at graphic design and video editing. I know people who can draw beautiful, intricate sketches with ease. I have another friend who is such a good singer, and hearing him perform gives me chills.

Because I’ve worked on art projects in the past, even at a beginner level, I know that creating art takes a lot of time and effort. A great project isn’t created overnight.

Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t recognize this, and they try to take advantage of their artistic friends for their personal benefit. They’ll ask artists, especially young ones, for a discounted or free product, simply because they’re acquainted. Also, some people can be apprehensive
to pay up-and-coming artists because they’re unsure if they will produce quality pieces.

It’s frustrating to see young creators being taken advantage of and producing quality work without proper recognition. If you are asking for a talented, experienced artist to create something for you, whether it’s photography, a drawing or a musical performance, you should expect to give them at least some credit for the tireless work they put into it.

Some creators will work for free to help build their portfolio, especially if they’re generating art for loved ones. However, one cannot assume an artist will work such an extensive amount without pay. It’s rude and unfair. Before you hire an artist, ask for their wages, so you know exactly what to expect. If an artist offers to work for free, you could always tip them to recognize their effort and skill. At the very least, tell
your friends about their work and give them credit for it if you post it online.

Sometimes, people take advantage of the fact that college artists are still learning and perfecting their craft, and hope they will do it for free simply for the practice. However, everyone uses their talents, if they can, to make money.

A lot of Bulldogs utilize their artistic abilities on campus to help pay the bills. Creating art is their job. You probably wouldn’t demand a free service from your mechanic, or your hairdresser, or your waiter. So, why would you demand it from artists?